Jun 14

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IMG_4786Helluuuu!!! Thank you so much for visiting my site and taking time to learn more about me, Brooke Leilani, and what I love to do! I plan to take over the world with my writing, so I’m truly grateful and excited that you’ve come to support me in my quest!

Writing is what I love to do and stories is what I love to share!

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  1. Malu Kido

    Aloha mai e Brooke,

    Glad I finally got to see your website! Maikaʻi loa! I was wondering, what do you think about WordPress? Is it easy to use for you, and does it have all the features you need? Okay, mahalo nui.

    E malama pono,

    1. Brooke

      I love WordPress! It’s so easy to work with once you figure it out. I did a lot of google searching and you tubing to figure out what to do. The template I chose too was readily used by many people so they blogged a lot about it. My template in grapheme I think, so something like that!


  2. Marce'

    Your joy is contagious!!
    Let it flow, Sweetie Pie, cause I’m hooked!

    1. Brooke

      Thank you! I’m glad you finally got to read all of them!

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